Toby Gregory

Over the years, the UAE-based British national has had his fair share of awe-inspiring adventures as well as close encounters. Whether by foot, boat, or bicycle, Toby Gregory has spent his life traversing the world in search of challenges or protecting the planet. Highlights include, running the 82km “long stage” in Marathon Des Sables, the toughest foot race on earth (having completed 3 marathons in the 3 previous days in 50-degree heat), traversing glaciers and swimming with icebergs near the article circle. If January he completed a 42 day, 5,000km across the Atlantic Ocean, which was completed in partnership with the UN Environment Programmes Clean Seas initiative.
When not exploring the world, Toby is a crisis communications consultant and trusted advisor to Royal families, government ministers, education institutions and organizations in the humanitarian sector, including UN entities – across the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and China.